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"Creating spaces inspired by dreams, refined by innovative technologies - all at an unmatched value."

We've purchased a new house, and we decided to put our old house for sale. It stayed in the market for four months. All the offers we received were way below asking price.

We hired TCL to help us to remodel the house. TCL professional interior designer came up with few recommendations, and once we approved, the entire crew were on the job. Within one week after the remodeling, we received three competitive offers beyond the asking price... We could not believe it!

This is the best $24,000 investment we have ever done. It helped us to get an extra $75,000 value and we finally sold our house within one week.

Home Owner

Renovations to new clinic space for Central Brampton Family Health Team.

We hired TCL to expand our existing medical office. The services were fair and cost effective. TCL managed to address all concerns in a timely fashion. Definitely, I would recommend TCL.

Central Brampton FHT

Construction of new Wind Mobile store.

TCL can turn even the small spaces into a comfortable and pleasant working environment. It has been nothing but a pleasant experience working with TCL

Wind Mobile

Construction of new workspace for Family Health Team.

We had a great experience with TCL being in charge of the renovation of our facility. Issues were forecasted and proactively planned for and emerging challenges were handled with the utmost professionalism and effiency. We did not have a project manager in charge and trusted TCL's expertise and integrity to ensure the final product is up to specs across the board. We now have a state of the art facility that beams with elegance and quality finishing and with every inch standing out as a testimonial for concerted hard work and diligent effort. Thanks TCL!

Queen Square FHT


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